"Sendai miso," with a history and tradition of over 400 years,
is a pride of Miyagi prefecture.
As a representative of "Aka miso," it continues to be widely loved and is striving
for further evolution in the future.


Miso Shoyu Nakama

"Sendai miso" developed as a portable ration of the Date family during
the Sengoku period. In 1601, Date Masamune, who built Sendai Castle,
formed the "KABUNAKAMA" guild and developed the local industry
through his colleagues. The predecessor of the Miyagi Miso Shoyu Manufactures Cooperative, the "Miso and Soy Sauce Nakama,
" formed the "Ichinomiya Gozenkou" at the Shiogama
Shrine, the greatest shrine in Oshu, and designated May 11th as the day
of offering. Over the course of about 400 years, the flame of tradition
has continued to burn brightly and persistently, fueled by the spirit
of those who have carried it forward to the present day.


Tasting competition (KANPYOUKAI)

The Miyagi Miso Shoyu Manufactures Cooperative has been holding a tasting competition
since 1952 to promote the inheritance and improvement of traditional "Sendai miso" and Shoyu techniques among members.Striving to study and hone the skills of our members.

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